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HENRY’S SERVICES CO is a family run oven cleaning and BBQ detailing business servicing the Northern Rivers and Cleaning Services Gold Coast regions. Over the last 12 years, Henry’s team of expert professionals has developed a unique, eco-friendly oven cleaning Gold Coast service that removes baked-on grease and fumes without the use of strong chemicals. That means it’s safe for your family, your pets, and your food.With all types of ovens, BBQs, microwaves, cook-tops and range-hoods serviced, Henry’s professional oven cleaning can save you thousands, bringing dirty, tired ovens back to life.Henry’s Services Co. also offer high-quality window cleaning and gold coast cleaning services high-pressure cleaning. There truly is no job too big or small. Request a free quote today, and let Henry’s Services Co. do the hard work for you.


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Oven and BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast

Look up, guys! After a loud BBQ party, you know how it feels: everybody is full.smiles all around, however, you turn around and look at that grill. Yikes! There are sprays of dressing, oils, and something that is like a crazy bull. Don’t be worried because guess what? Say hello to BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast if you want the inside scoop on the best damn BBQ cleaning service on this side of the Gold Coast.

Let’s get one thing straight: we get it. You all prefer to relax and enjoy life when grilling, not spend all day cleaning.That’s where we roll in, like the cavalry saving the day. Our squad of BBQ cleaners in Gold Coast is the real McCoy. They’ve got skills that’ll turn your grimy, gunky grill into a thing of beauty that’ll have your neighbors green with envy.

Now, picture this: your BBQ, looking all brand spankin’ clean, like it just got a spa day. You may wonder why it matters. Let me tell you the truth, folks: it’s not all about the outside. A clean grill means your food cooks up like a champ every single time. Say adios to flare-ups and so-long to weird flavors messing up your feast.

Hold on a sec, you might be wonderin, “How’s this whole shebang work?” Let us break it down. When you hop aboard the BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast train, you’re in for a treat. Kick back, relax, and let our pros do their thing. They dive into deep cleaning, scrubbing like there’s no tomorrow, and getting rid of that stubborn grease like it’s a game of backyard battleship.

Oh, but we’re not going to stop at the grill alone. We have eyes in every little space, so no. Those sauce drips on the side tables? Consider ’em history. Grease splatters on the hood? Poof! Vanished. We’re on a mission, friends – to leave no mess uncracked and no spot untouched.

And listen up, this ain’t no snail’s pace deal. We’re faster than a jackrabbit on a caffeine high. ‘Cause we know you’re itching to fire up that grill again. Our cleanup maestros work their magic swift and smooth, no dilly-dallying.

Got a hankering for some sizzling sausages but worried about the mess? Well, we’re your BBQ fairy godmother, here to make your grilling dreams come true. Whether it’s a laid-back Sunday or a full-blown BBQ Clean blowout, BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast has got your back.

Don’t leave your grill hanging – let it shine like a star with BBQ Cleaning Gold Coast. Hey, this is in case you’re wondering, “Where on earth can I find BBQ cleaning near me?”– we’ve got you covered there too. It’s time to say goodbye to grime and hello to BBQ bliss. Reach out, book your spot, and get ready to unleash the grill beast like never before!

About Us

Highly skilled, friendly professionals you can trust

Henry’s Services Co. has assembled a team of expert technicians, lending their specialist services to the Northern Rivers region. Operating since 2012, we combine the latest technology, eco-friendly products and finely honed techniques to deliver the best in oven cleaning, BBQ cleaning Gold Coast, window cleaning and pressure washing, Cleaning  services Gold Coast. 

Our dedicated team promise excellent results at affordable prices, operating in:

Ballina, Byron Bay, Bangalow,  Allstonville, Lennox Heads,  Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores, Casuarina, PottsVille,  Cabarita, Tweed Heads, Banora Point, Casino, Lismore, Gold Coast.



oven cleaners near me

The oven cleaning service begins by removing and soaking racks and trays in our signature solution.

Cook top Cleaning in Gold Coast

cooktop cleaning

Why not extend your professional oven cleaning to the cooktop itself, with our specialist cooktop service. 

range hood cleaning

A clean and well-maintained range hood is imperative in any kitchen, commercial or at home, to ensure a healthy air quality. 

bbq cleaning service

bbq cleaning

Give your BBQ a new lease on life with our professional BBQ cleaning service. Your technician will take all removable shelves.

window cleaning

Combining the latest technology and 100 per cent purified water, Henry’s Services Co. has specially developed.

High Pressure Cleaning

As part of our commitment to taking the hard jobs off your hands, we also offer a host of pressure-washing services. 



Henry’s Services Co Provides Cleaning Services Gold Coast Area And Northern Rivers Regions.


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Henry Services was fantastic, I would highly recommend him for a deep oven and BBQ clean. Looks nice. We will definitely be using him again. Thanks, Henry!!


Henry cleaned my oven. It is like brand new. He was cheaper than others and did an amazing job. I would highly recommend him. Will get him back again.


Henry is amazing! He did my oven and my windows, BBQ clean, and looks absolutely new! Price fair and amazing job!I strong recommend that.Thanks Henry!

Giovanna Suprano BASED IN BYRON BAY

We cover Northern rivers from Evans Head to Gold Coast.

Our team is ready to assist you Monday to Saturday from 07 am to 5pm, call us or send an email.

We are police-cleared and insured for your ease of mind and we are very experienced – some clients like to leave a key out for us and we will always let you know when we have locked up and left.

After every clean, we enjoy showcasing our work to you and we also encourage you to inspect the oven and surfaces before paying as we want to ensure you are happy and pleased with the final results. once we leave and if something is not right, Please let us know straight away and we will immediately return and rectify any wrong-doings.if more than twenty-four hours has passed, it is more difficult for us to determine an appropriate resolution as the oven may have been used therefore undoing our work, or any new damage is difficult to associate the cause. we also ensure a notice is signed off on before we work on any appliance we deem unsafe, or is already in disrepair, or poor condition.

We recommend at least twice a year, but quarterly visits are common. It really depends on you, How often you use your Oven, and what you cook in it can greatly alter the level of cleanliness. that doesn’t mean you should pay for being an awesome chef – discounts apply to those who get multiple cleans a year. All it takes is a look inside; check out your racks and interior Oven and see for yourself if it needs it.

Yes. Most Self Cleaning Ovens have panels along the interior walls that burn off fatty residue and oils (provided the Oven is hot enough). So while this panel is self-cleaning; the Oven itself is not. Behind this panel, grease and oil can still contaminate your Oven and food, so we deep clean your Oven to make sure it is spotless.




We are open 7 days 7am – 5pm. Simply call us or fill-up the online form to get a free quote and organize a booking.

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Set your cleaning schedule on your preferred date and we will arrive on the desired date

we do the hard work

Our friendly staff takes feedback on board to guarantee the appliances look’ as clean as new

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