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Greetings from Henry’s Services Co, the Gold Coast window cleaning experts!

With 12 years of expertise, Henry’s Services Co is your trusted partner for all types of window cleaning on the Gold Coast. From residential and commercial properties to high-rise buildings, our professional team uses advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to achieve spotless, streak-free windows. You can also use our 24/7 emergency service if you need it. Our affordable rates and high-quality services ensure that your windows look great and satisfy you for a long time.

Crisis in Window Cleaning? No Worries, We're here!

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Make Your Window Shine With Our Multi-Cleaning Services

We have the skills and commitment to clean any window, whether in a home, business, domestic property, or high-rise building. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our goals for window cleaning in Gold Coast. Let us show you the difference!

Residential Window Cleaning gold coast

Your home’s windows can be challenging to clean, but not for us! Our residential window cleaning services gold coast remove all dirt, grime, and streaks, leaving your windows looking as good as new. Our residential services also include cleaning screens and tracks, ensuring every part of your window is spotless. Henry’s Services Co, We use professional window cleaner gold coast, specialty tools, and ladders to ensure a thorough job. Our experienced professionals are also highly experienced in safely handling glass and other window surfaces. 


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Domestic Window Cleaning Gold Coast

We offer domestic window cleaning services gold coast for homeowners who wish to maintain their windows’ cleanliness and appearance. We use modern equipment and traditional methods to ensure your windows remain clean. Our experienced window washer Gold Coast will thoroughly clean your windows, leaving them looking like new. Flexible scheduling and customized cleaning plans are available for domestic cleaning. Besides keeping your windows clean, we protect them by using safe and effective cleaning solutions.

Commercial Window Cleaning gold coast

First impressions matter, especially for businesses! We ensure your windows speak volumes about your company’s professionalism. Our commercial window cleaning services are available for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. When our team works with you, you can expect minimal disruption to your business workflow and outstanding results. We understand that a business’s windows reflect its brand, so we provide the highest customer service and satisfaction. We guarantee your windows will be gleaming and beautiful. Regular maintenance schedules are available all year round.

commercial window cleaning services
renevation window cleaning gold coast

Post Construction and Renovation Window Cleaning Gold Coast

Construction and renovation projects often leave windows covered in dust, paint splatters, and other debris. Our post-construction window cleaning services address these challenges specifically. We carefully remove all construction residue from your windows. We also clean the frames and tracks of the windows to ensure no dust and dirt buildup. Our team has the tools and expertise to handle windows of any size and shape, ensuring they are spotless and ready for use. Every time we clean, we will give you a detailed report At Henry’s Services Co.

High Rise Window Cleaning Gold Coast

Specialized equipment and skills are required for cleaning high-rise windows. Our team is trained and certified to perform high-rise window cleaning gold coast safely and efficiently. We use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to reach and wash windows at any height. It is our number one priority to make sure your home and property are as safe as possible, and therefore we follow strict safety protocols. Our team is also experienced with repairing broken windows and installing new windows. With our high-rise Gold coast window washer  services, you can rest assured that every window will be perfectly cleaned.

We Handle All Types of Windows, So Be relaxed!

The home window cleaning Gold Coast service covers a wide range of window types, ensuring every window shines. Below is an explanation of how we clean every kind of window At Henry’s Services Co.

Single-Pane Windows

Our process begins with a thorough cleaning solution that removes dirt, dust, and streaks from your single-pane windows. To avoid any residue, every corner and edge is carefully cleaned.

Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows require careful handling to clean the inner and outer panes without damaging the seal. If condensation occurs between the panes, a common problem, we suggest solutions.

French-Pane Windows

French-pane windows have numerous small panes within a frame. We clean each pane individually for a spotless finish, and we use precision tools to ensure that the frames and mullions are also cleaned thoroughly.


kylights can be challenging to clean. We use ladders and safety gear to reach and clean them effectively. We ensure that skylights are free of dust and debris, maximizing natural light entry.

Glass Panels

Large glass panels, such as sliding doors and picture windows, require special techniques to avoid streaks. Our professional squeegees and cleaning solutions leave large glass surfaces looking flawless.

Storm Windows

Storm windows consist of the main window and an additional outer window. Both are cleaned meticulously to ensure clear visibility. By removing debris between panes, we improve clarity and insulation.

A Quick Peek Into Our Window Cleaning Process

We work simply at Henry’s Services Co! Our commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do at Jordana’s.

Step-1: Our first step is conducting a thorough consultation to better understand your needs.
As a result, we can customize our services to meet your needs.

Step-2: After that, our team will conduct a detailed site assessment to determine the condition of your windows and potential challenges.

Step-3: In preparation, we protect surrounding surfaces and ensure all necessary equipment is present.

Step-4: Using our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and specialized tools, we carefully clean your windows, frames, and tracks.

Step-5: Upon cleaning, we thoroughly inspect every window to ensure it is spotless and meets our high standards.

Step-6: As part of our final clean, we remove all equipment, complete any final touches, and leave your property looking as good as new.

Why HENRY’S SERVICES CO Top Window Cleaner In Gold Coast

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Window Cleaning Pricing, Packages And Checklist:

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LJHooker Lennox Head
LJHooker Lennox Head
15 April 2024
Henry’s Services Co, did another an amazing job of cleaning ovens, rangehoods and BBQ's for us at 3 of our properties - thank you :)
linda beaumont
linda beaumont
14 March 2024
Henry did a wonderful job on our stovetop, oven and range hood for a pre-sale clean. Great communication from initial contact. Not our first time using this service and definitely won't be the last. Highly recommend
Tom Ramsay
Tom Ramsay
23 February 2024
Henry arrived on time and did a top job, no mess, no fuss, thanks mate!
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith
14 February 2024
Henry is awesome! He is reliable, on time or early, he is kind, respectful & most importantly does a fantastic job!!! I only use Henry for my windows, & oven. He really does get your oven back to brand new.
24 January 2024
Excellent service. Henri is professional and his work is exemplary. Highly recommended.
Maria Hobbs
Maria Hobbs
23 January 2024
Excellent as always Thanks Henry!
Thea Thorncraft
Thea Thorncraft
23 January 2024
Fantastic oven clean after Xmas. Worth the money. 👍
Svetlana Connor
Svetlana Connor
22 November 2023
Amazing!! My oven is sparkling clean thanks to Henry. Makes my life so much easier. Henry was able to get the job done quick and without any hassle. Lovely man to deal with aswell. Highly recommend his services.
Emily Ralston
Emily Ralston
22 November 2023
AMAZING!! Our rangehood looks brand new!! So happy with Henry's service & professionalism. Highly recommend 👍
kaylene STANFORD
kaylene STANFORD
21 November 2023
Excellent service and communication - oven and rangehood are like new - will definitely use again.

Frequently Asked Questions

In residential properties, windows should be cleaned twice a year at the very least. If your home is in an area with a lot of dust or pollution, you should consider cleaning more frequently. Depending on traffic and location, commercial properties may require more frequent cleaning.

Yes, we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions that are effective and non-damaging to your windows and the environment. Our products are also biodegradable and won’t leave any harsh chemicals or residues behind. Our products are tested for safety and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

The duration depends on the property size and the number of windows. During our initial consultation, we will provide an estimated time. Also, if there are any special requirements, such as difficult-to-reach areas or specialty windows, we can talk about it.

The price of the service varies depending on the type of service you need. We provide free estimates to help you determine the cost of a particular service. Repeat customers can also enjoy reduced prices and special deals.