Oven Cleaning Prices

HENRY’S SERVICES CO oven cleaning will save your Money and the hours of Scrubbing.

Average Cost of Oven Cleaning

Average cost (per hour)


Minimum cost (per hour)


Maximum cost (per hour)


How much does professional oven cleaning price?

The oven cleaning costs a company to the company. However, the standard oven cleaning price averages $50 to $95. Usually, the oven cleaning cost depends on your oven’s size, condition, and age. The cost also depends on the location. Your oven cleaner can take more or less cost to clean your oven. At HENRY’S SERVICES CO, we offer affordable prices for oven cleaning.

Our Oven Cleaning Price list

Appliance Type

Highest average price

Lowest average price

Single Oven – 60cm



Single Wide Oven – 90cm



2nd oven is smaller (Double Oven) – 60cm



2 same size ovens (Double Oven ) – 60cm









Standard Oven Clean



Standard Oven with Separate Grill



Large Oven (650mm – 899mm)



Extra Large Oven



One & Half Oven



Standard Microwave



Light Replacement (Exclusive Part Price)



Range top






Our Oven Cleaning Services

Our oven cleaning is perfect for those who want to bring their oven to life after heavy use. We ensure the following oven cleaning services to left sparkling clean of your oven

  • A soft scrub of the interior of your oven.
  • Remove the grease, grime, and carbon deposits from the inside
  • Oven rack soak and clean
  • We polish the door of the oven
  • We also shine the racks of the oven
  • At the end, we wipe the exterior knobs, handles, and glass display

What changes the price of Oven Cleaning?

The prices of oven cleaning depends on several factors, including:

Oven type

All ovens vary in ease of cleaning and time to complete the task.

Singal ovens cost between $175 and $135 to clean. We take $1954 and $ 135 to clean a standard oven and $250 to $270 for a traditional oven with a separate grill. We charge for ovens found in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants and hotels, between $239 and $289 to clean.

We also provide BBQ cleaning services. Depending on the size of your BBQ, this service costs between $90 and $130 on average.

Oven size

The size of your oven is a cost-changing factor. For example, the stove found in the home is smaller than the ovens in commercial kitchens.

We charge between $225 to $265 for a Large Oven (650mm – 899mm), $160 to $200 for a Single Wide Oven – 90cm, and between $239 and $289 to clean commercial kitchen ovens.

Level of cleaning required

The level of grease and dirt present influences the cost of cleaning your oven. Our Professional oven cleaners pay close attention to ensure your oven is perfectly cleaned. The cleaning process’s duration depends on the oven’s initial condition.


Typically, oven cleaning tasks require 1-3 hours to finish. The more intricate the job, the greater the associated cost. Your service provider might charge by the hour or offer a flat rate.


Oven cleaning prices vary depending on your location in Australia. You will notice different oven cleaning costs in other locations. In the Gold Coast, oven cleaning is the most affordable, costing an average of $170. Conversely, Sydney stands out as the most expensive area in Australia for this service, with an average price of $215 per oven. The average cost of oven cleaning across Australia is $195

So, we consider the cost of the size of your oven and the type of oven to clean.

Regional oven cleaning prices list in Australia


Average oven cleaner cost (per oven)

Gold Coast


Byron Bay


Northern Rivers






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If you don’t like cleaning your oven or need more time or motivation, hire a professional -Henrey’s Services Co. to clean it. You can schedule a cleaning at a fixed time. Your kitchen will thank you for it, all without any effort required!